Friday, November 5, 2010

Magic shows for party places that are age appropriate

When I do magic shows for kids the first thing that's super important is the age of the kids watching the show. What are the ages of the children that are going to be watching the magic show? One mistake the magicians make is doing magic tricks for small kids that go over their heads. For example, if you did a magic trick with playing cards for children from age four to six they just would not understand that type of magic trick. Same goes for if you did a magic trick for older kids that seemed silly or funny for them because they're just too grown up now. It wouldn't work for them. You would have to do the silly funny stuff for the children that are a little bit younger, approximately age four to six. In addition, if you did a magic trick during the magic show that was scary. Like some magicians will do a magic trick where they will take a sword and stick it through a child's next. While this may work for children who are eight and older, it definitely would not work for the younger kids. So you have to find a good magician that can do a magic show that is good for the age of the children that are going to be viewing the show.