Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dress up a Kid's Party with a Magician!

If you’re looking for a great way to dress up a kid’s party, you might want to consider a birthday party magician. These performers are a great touch to any party and can ensure that all the kids and grownups alike have a good time. Consider why they’re still a classic act and why so many kids love having magicians at their party today.

1. They can entertain a crowd.

A good birthday party magician will be able to entertain a crowd of children. This is unlike many kid’s games where children start to get bored once they lose the game or need to sit out, or with activities like arts and crafts where children may not like participating if they’re not very good at it. A good magician will provide entertainment for all kids no matter their ages.

If you’re having a party for the kids and you know you’ll have ones in attendance that are both younger and older, this can be a great way to keep them all occupied. The little ones won’t get bored and the older ones will have something to get them off their smart phones!

2. They’re interactive.

Kids typically enjoy activities more if they’re interactive, rather than simply sitting and watching a video or reading a comic book. A magician will get the kids involved with everything they do and will keep them involved throughout the entire show. Rather than facing a room full of bored children when you have a party, you know that a birthday party magician will ensure they engage their full attention.

3. They’re simple entertainment.

Trying to keep kids entertained through a birthday party or other event can be complicated; you might want to rent a bounce house for them to play in but this involves space needed outside, cords for power, a mess of shoes the kids need to take off, and of course the possibility that one of the smaller children will be hurt.

When you hire a birthday party magician it’s simple entertainment that doesn’t require a lot of space, power cord, or anything special. A magician can typically set up a small table and that’s the only prop or space they need to entertain. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed with how to keep the kids happy when you hire a magician, and you can relax and enjoy the show yourself!

Louis the Magician
ChildTime Magic

Friday, December 12, 2014

Birthday Party Tips continued

This week I discuss helpful hints for your next birthday party.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Why should you hire a magician for your birthday party?

Whether you are hosting a corporate event or a birthday party, hiring a magician can be a great way to make the event something to remember.  With the use of magic shows your guests will be entertained and in awe all night as they try to figure out how the magician completed their acts.  There are a variety of different reasons as to why you will want to consider hiring a magician for your birthday party.

Giving Your Party Variety
In the majority of cases a birthday party can be quite generic and instead of giving your guests another typical birthday party, a magician can help to give it variety that they have never experienced before.  ChildTime Magic are one of the few performers that are enjoyed by a variety of different groups of people, whether children or the elderly.  Not to mention that the magician that you hire can customize their act to suit the needs of their audience.  With the captivation of their magic shows, your birthday party will gather the attention that it deserves.

Adding an Extra Touch
If you’re hosting a party and you think that it needs an extra special touch, magic shows are the perfect element to take into consideration.  You can hire a magician to make their way through the party and perform for small groups of your guests to keep them entertained.  Another great advantage to these entertainment professionals is that they require a small amount of props to appear mystifying and unique.  This means that they can easily mix into the appeal of your party without taking the attention away from the person who is being celebrated.

Filling Gaps in the Event
Every event has gaps that can sometimes lead to awkward silences or guests not knowing what to do.  Instead of having that awkward moment between cutting the cake and opening presents, hire a magician to fill the gaps to keep the entire evening entertaining.  This will avoid your guests feeling like they don’t know what to do and it will add a seamless flow to the event that will help to make it perfect.

You may not have assumed that hiring a magician could be the perfect addition to your birthday party when in reality, it is the best way to make the event something that you will remember for many years to come.

Louis the Magician
ChildTime Magic