Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Can You Have Your Own Birthday Party Magic Show?

When you have a children’s party you want to be sure you offer them some entertainment for the afternoon. Children get bored and restless very easily and they need something to keep them occupied, otherwise they get outright irritated. Keeping children occupied can also keep them from fighting or feeling lonely for their parents when they’re at the party.

A birthday party magic show is a good choice, and you may think you can put on one yourself. There are kits you can purchase from party supply stores and instructions to follow online to put on a magic show, but it’s good to consider a few important tips for making your party a success.

1. Keep it age-appropriate.

If you’re putting on a birthday party magic show for a very young audience, remember that they may get frightened at the idea of someone being locked in a box or sawed in half. These are not good tricks for your young crowd! It’s best to stick with simple card tricks or sleight of hand. For older children, they will want something more complicated and more difficult to follow as they will easily figure out the simple tricks and in turn, they’ll get bored. Keep a show age-appropriate for the most success.

2. Keep it safe.

It’s more dangerous than you may realize to work with fire, even for a simple trick. Avoid using flash paper or any tricks that involve flames or anything else that’s dangerous. Most trained magicians have years and years of practice and experience in working with open fires or other dangerous tricks, so don’t think you can learn them in just a few weeks leading up to a party. Keep yourself, the children, and your home safe by finding other tricks you can do.

3. Rehearse and then rehearse some more.

Professional magicians are good at what they do because they work hard at their craft, and rehearse many hours every day. To make your birthday party magic show a success, you need to do the same. Don’t assume you can take home a magic kit and pull it out of the box and learn it in front of the kids.

It may also be worth your time to simply hire a professional. This will ensure you get a good show and one that is age-appropriate and safe as well.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Have a Birthday Party Magic Show and Other Party Themes

When planning a kid’s party it’s good to think about a theme for the event. This can help you to pull the whole party together and make all your decorations and everything else stand out. A good idea is to have a birthday party magic show, but consider why this is a good choice and some other themes you might think about for a good time for everyone.

1. Try a magic show.

One reason you want to try a magic show is that it’s good for kids and adults of all age. Everyone loves a magician and they can keep your party entertained and occupied. If you’re having a party with children of different ages you need to consider what activities you’re going to plan that will keep them all entertained, and a birthday party magic show is the perfect choice. You can choose admission tickets for invitations and invite everyone to dress up as a magician to make it even more festive.

2. Have a carnival.

A carnival is a good theme for a party because there are so many ways you can decorate. Try red and white stripes for all your decorations, just like an old-time carnival. You can also use admission tickets for invitations. Serve carnival food such as cotton candy and caramel popcorn. You can also rent carnival games for the party and give away token gifts to the winners. This makes the party more fun and entertaining for everyone.

3. Create a rainbow theme.

A rainbow theme is a great choice for younger children as they appreciate the strong, bold colors. You can decorate with red, yellow and blue and these will catch their eyes easily. This also makes it easier to choose all the details you need for your party as you aren’t restricted as to the type of invitations or streamers you can choose, but only need to opt for the right colors. You can choose any type of invitation that’s in a bold color no matter the characters on it or other decorative elements.

4. Opt for their favorite superhero.

Choose your child’s favorite superhero and you can build an entire party around that. You can then also have a birthday party magic

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why have a Magician for an Adult Birthday Party?

When you think of a magician for a party you probably think of a kid’s party. It’s true that kids love to have a magician entertain them and it keeps them occupied, but there are some great reasons to think about a birthday party magician even when you’re planning a party for adults. Consider some reasons why they’re a fun touch no matter the ages of the guests or of the guest of honor.

1. They’re simple to follow and understand.

If you plan on games for adults it can be overwhelming for them if something is complicated and difficult to understand. For example, you may want to plan a poker party but if there are guests who have never played poker, they may not have much fun. The same is true if you have a Vegas-style gambling party; guests who have never played blackjack or baccarat may have a hard time following the rules and may not have a good time if they find themselves on the losing side of the table.

A birthday party magician however doesn’t require any complicated rules or involvement or understanding of the show. Guests can sit back and be entertained very easily, so they’re likely to have a good time.

2. They’re as engaging as is comfortable for guests.

When you have a party for a number of people you know you’re going to have some guests who want to get up and be part of the party and some who want to sit back and watch the festivities. This is another advantage of hiring a birthday party magician as they are as engaging as is comfortable for guests. They may ask for assistance and one of the guests can participate if he or she wants, while others can sit back and watch. This doesn’t put pressure on any guest to participate as you may see when you have a card party but gives them a chance to be part of the fun, as some would prefer.

3. They can add a sense of whimsy.

A party for adults often needs a touch of fun and of whimsy, and a birthday party magician can add both. They’re entertaining without being overly serious and can keep everyone guessing and laughing. This makes them a perfect choice for any grownup party no matter the occasion or guest of honor.

Of course, Louis the Magician and ChildTime Magic only perform for children but we could definitely give you some referrals for the best adult magicians in the area!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to Make a Birthday Party Magic Show Even More Special for Guests

If you’re planning a party of any sort then you know you need entertainment for your guests. Even adults want to be occupied during a party and a great way to do that is to plan on having a magician perform. A good birthday party magic show can be fun for kids and for adults and can get everyone involved, or let them just sit back and watch if they prefer.

When you do plan a birthday party magic show you may want to add a few extra special touches to your party so you make it even more special. Consider a few simple tips on how to do this.

1. Choose invitations in the form of admission tickets.

Party invitations are available in just about any style today, and you can find ones that are in the shape and form of admission tickets. These can be a fun touch because they let guests know that they can plan on a magic show before they even arrive at your party!

2. Have token magic toys as take-home gifts.

Many parties today have take-home gifts for guests as a way to thank them for coming, and you might choose some token magic toys for your party. These can be very small and may include a trick card deck or a small Chinese finger trap. They keep the fun of the magic show going long after the party has ended!

3. Decorate with magic props.

Rather than decorating with plain paper streamers and cutouts you paste to the walls, choose magic props. These can be top hats with stuffed bunnies peeking out, decks of cards, and magic wands. Decorations that are reminiscent of a Las Vegas type show can also be good, including stars, curtains, and anything with lots of glitter and shine.

4. Dress the part.

To really make your party even more fun, dress the part! Wear a top hat and a black short cape. You can even have your guests do the same. Have a contest to see who dresses most like a magician and give a token prize to the person who gets the most votes from other guests. If you have your guests really get involved with your birthday party magic show you make it more fun for everyone, and your entire party becomes more festive!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why Plan a Magic Show for Birthday Parties?

When planning a birthday party you want to be sure you have some entertainment, especially for children. Children and even adults appreciate some form of entertainment during a party. Rather than trying to plan games or even arts and crafts, consider some reasons why you may want to think about arranging a magic show for birthday parties and for any other type of party you’re planning, for kids or for adults.

1. Parties can get boring.

Don’t assume that your guests can entertain themselves when you plan a party. Unless there is a specific activity that they will engage in, chances are your guests will get very bored, especially children. Even adults tend to get bored during a party, which is why some might tend to break away and start to walk around outside the venue or one might bring in a deck of cards!

When you plan a magic show for birthday parties you can keep everyone entertained and there is no chance of anyone getting bored or restless. Whether adults or children, they will stay occupied and will appreciate having the entertainment when there is a magician present.

2. There is little to no cleanup with a magic show.

Any parent who has thrown a birthday party for children will tell you that usually there is much cleanup to be done if you plan an arts and crafts table or have a bounce house that the children can play in. Arts and crafts can mean glitter and stickers and other residue all over the house once the party is over, and a bounce house means shoes and socks being left out side and sometimes being scattered all over the lawn. However, a magic show for birthday parties can mean something simple and fun without needing to clean the house afterwards or worry about anything being ruined!

3. They appeal to everyone.

Some people don’t like games because they’re too interactive and some people don’t like activities that don’t involve them at all! A magic show is a good compromise because some guests can sit and watch and others can get involved as the magician asks for their participation. They’re also not so complicated that children can’t follow the show or so simplistic that older guests find them dull. No matter your guest list, they are sure to offer something for everyone!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3 Good Reasons to Have a Children’s Magician for Parties

When you throw a birthday party or any other party for kids, you have lots of choices when it comes to entertainment. There are classic games you can play, arts and crafts you can do, and even bounce houses and other rentals to keep children busy. However, what about a good old-fashioned children’s magician for your next party?

There are many reasons why a magician is a great choice for kid’s parties in particular. If you’ve never thought about hiring one for your next party, consider three reasons why they may be the right choice for you.

1. They keep children occupied.

While it’s good to have an adult still supervising children even when a magician is performing, you don’t need many adults watching them as you would if they were doing arts and crafts or playing other games. This allows you to work in the kitchen or get things set up for lunch, or to simply take a break! When a children’s magician is performing you can sit back and watch the show with everyone else or let one other adult be in the same room as the children while you get the birthday cake ready or do whatever else needs to be done.

2. They’re good for all ages.

Some games are not good for younger children and some might be boring to older children. If you rent a bounce house the smaller children might get hurt and activities like arts and crafts may be too difficult for them. However, a good magician is one that will keep all the children and even the adults occupied and entertained! If you’re looking for a way to keep your entire group happy when you have a party, a good magician is the right choice.

3. They don’t need much to entertain your children.

When you hire a children’s magician you don’t need to provide lots of tables and chairs for the children to sit at and don’t need to worry about setting something up in your backyard that will ruin the lawn and create a hazard for everyone. Most performers bring a side table with them and don’t need much space, and rarely do they even need an outlet to plug in anything! They’re a simple but engaging way to keep the kids occupied and to make the adults happy as well.