Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why have a Magician for an Adult Birthday Party?

When you think of a magician for a party you probably think of a kid’s party. It’s true that kids love to have a magician entertain them and it keeps them occupied, but there are some great reasons to think about a birthday party magician even when you’re planning a party for adults. Consider some reasons why they’re a fun touch no matter the ages of the guests or of the guest of honor.

1. They’re simple to follow and understand.

If you plan on games for adults it can be overwhelming for them if something is complicated and difficult to understand. For example, you may want to plan a poker party but if there are guests who have never played poker, they may not have much fun. The same is true if you have a Vegas-style gambling party; guests who have never played blackjack or baccarat may have a hard time following the rules and may not have a good time if they find themselves on the losing side of the table.

A birthday party magician however doesn’t require any complicated rules or involvement or understanding of the show. Guests can sit back and be entertained very easily, so they’re likely to have a good time.

2. They’re as engaging as is comfortable for guests.

When you have a party for a number of people you know you’re going to have some guests who want to get up and be part of the party and some who want to sit back and watch the festivities. This is another advantage of hiring a birthday party magician as they are as engaging as is comfortable for guests. They may ask for assistance and one of the guests can participate if he or she wants, while others can sit back and watch. This doesn’t put pressure on any guest to participate as you may see when you have a card party but gives them a chance to be part of the fun, as some would prefer.

3. They can add a sense of whimsy.

A party for adults often needs a touch of fun and of whimsy, and a birthday party magician can add both. They’re entertaining without being overly serious and can keep everyone guessing and laughing. This makes them a perfect choice for any grownup party no matter the occasion or guest of honor.

Of course, Louis the Magician and ChildTime Magic only perform for children but we could definitely give you some referrals for the best adult magicians in the area!

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