Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to Make a Birthday Party Magic Show Even More Special for Guests

If you’re planning a party of any sort then you know you need entertainment for your guests. Even adults want to be occupied during a party and a great way to do that is to plan on having a magician perform. A good birthday party magic show can be fun for kids and for adults and can get everyone involved, or let them just sit back and watch if they prefer.

When you do plan a birthday party magic show you may want to add a few extra special touches to your party so you make it even more special. Consider a few simple tips on how to do this.

1. Choose invitations in the form of admission tickets.

Party invitations are available in just about any style today, and you can find ones that are in the shape and form of admission tickets. These can be a fun touch because they let guests know that they can plan on a magic show before they even arrive at your party!

2. Have token magic toys as take-home gifts.

Many parties today have take-home gifts for guests as a way to thank them for coming, and you might choose some token magic toys for your party. These can be very small and may include a trick card deck or a small Chinese finger trap. They keep the fun of the magic show going long after the party has ended!

3. Decorate with magic props.

Rather than decorating with plain paper streamers and cutouts you paste to the walls, choose magic props. These can be top hats with stuffed bunnies peeking out, decks of cards, and magic wands. Decorations that are reminiscent of a Las Vegas type show can also be good, including stars, curtains, and anything with lots of glitter and shine.

4. Dress the part.

To really make your party even more fun, dress the part! Wear a top hat and a black short cape. You can even have your guests do the same. Have a contest to see who dresses most like a magician and give a token prize to the person who gets the most votes from other guests. If you have your guests really get involved with your birthday party magic show you make it more fun for everyone, and your entire party becomes more festive!

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