Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Not-So-Obvious Family Fun!

Most people don’t realize just how many inexpensive family entertainment ideas there are. Sure – you can have family movie or game night and those are great. But what happens when you can’t agree on which movie to watch or which game to play? That’s when it’s time to start getting creative and here are a few ideas to help get the creative juices flowing.

·         Try building a rock garden: True, this isn’t a spontaneous activity, you’ll need to do a little previous planning and then do the groundwork: mark the area in your yard, clear away weeds and debris and place black plastic down to help prevent the re-growth of weeds. Once you have all the prep work done, get a bucket or wheelbarrow and go get your rocks. Creeks and streams are a great place to start and remember to put the pretty rocks on top.

·         Switch places: This is a fun one to do – especially if you have teenagers. Take a Saturday morning and have a role reversal – you be the teen, let your teen be the parent. Yes, the kids get to give the orders – at least for a little while!

·         Become a fan of local sports: This is another one that works with kids of any age: if you have teens, go watch the little ones play, if you have little ones go watch the local high school teams. And if you happen to live in or near a city with some kind of a minor league team, it’s a great cheap afternoon.
·         Hit the flea markets, yard sales or craft shows. These types of events are carried on all year around and there’s usually at least one of them happening every weekend or so. This can even work with younger children, just give them a little change to keep in their pocket and they can buy their own stuff.

·         Try putting on a play. It doesn’t have to be Broadway-worthy. No one has to memorize their lines and you can use old clothes for costumes.

Not everybody is going to like to do the same things but if you all put your heads together you can come up with some good, old-fashioned, inexpensive family fun!