Friday, June 10, 2011

Why do Silly Magic?

Why do silly magic? Children love to be entertained. Children love clowns, magicians, face painters, ventriloquist, and jugglers. But no matter what they love to be entertained. We can use magic as an art form of entertainment.

My name is Louis the Magician. I perform at the Magic Party Place in Vienna, VA. Over the past 10 years, experience has taught me that what makes children have fun is silly magic. You see silly magic is the type of magic were something bad usually happens to the magician. For example, one time when I was performing I actually tripped and dropped one of the props I was using and the kids laughed and laughed, even though it was an accident. So what I learned was that that makes children laugh. So, the next time I did that magic trick I dropped the item on purpose and included it as part of the show. What ended up happening is as time in has gone by I have learned that children want to just plain have fun and laugh, especially at birthday parties. What they don't like to see are magic tricks that have a lot of build-up, such as talking. The more an entertainer talks the more bored the kids get. Even if the magician is using large scale illusions he or she should get the the point faster for kids. Adults seem to the have the attention span for those type of magic tricks. Children? They simply want to laugh and have fun.