Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Can You Have Your Own Birthday Party Magic Show?

When you have a children’s party you want to be sure you offer them some entertainment for the afternoon. Children get bored and restless very easily and they need something to keep them occupied, otherwise they get outright irritated. Keeping children occupied can also keep them from fighting or feeling lonely for their parents when they’re at the party.

A birthday party magic show is a good choice, and you may think you can put on one yourself. There are kits you can purchase from party supply stores and instructions to follow online to put on a magic show, but it’s good to consider a few important tips for making your party a success.

1. Keep it age-appropriate.

If you’re putting on a birthday party magic show for a very young audience, remember that they may get frightened at the idea of someone being locked in a box or sawed in half. These are not good tricks for your young crowd! It’s best to stick with simple card tricks or sleight of hand. For older children, they will want something more complicated and more difficult to follow as they will easily figure out the simple tricks and in turn, they’ll get bored. Keep a show age-appropriate for the most success.

2. Keep it safe.

It’s more dangerous than you may realize to work with fire, even for a simple trick. Avoid using flash paper or any tricks that involve flames or anything else that’s dangerous. Most trained magicians have years and years of practice and experience in working with open fires or other dangerous tricks, so don’t think you can learn them in just a few weeks leading up to a party. Keep yourself, the children, and your home safe by finding other tricks you can do.

3. Rehearse and then rehearse some more.

Professional magicians are good at what they do because they work hard at their craft, and rehearse many hours every day. To make your birthday party magic show a success, you need to do the same. Don’t assume you can take home a magic kit and pull it out of the box and learn it in front of the kids.

It may also be worth your time to simply hire a professional. This will ensure you get a good show and one that is age-appropriate and safe as well.

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