Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Commit to making time for family and friends

If you value your relationships with family and friends outside of work, you probably should put some work into maintaining them. That means evaluating your priorities and scheduling your activities the same as you do on the job. Follow these tips for sustaining healthy relations with the people who are most important to you:

• Have a mission statement. You have career goals and aspirations, don’t you? It’s just as important to establish what kind of relationship you want with your family and friends. A clear mission statement can help keep you focused on your personal life goals, especially when your schedule gets demanding.

• Use a time management system. Keep all your commitments with family and friends on one calendar, planner, or smartphone so nothing falls through the cracks. Keep your time-management tool with you for ready access to addresses, phone numbers, etc.

• Spend some time planning your personal time. Take 20 minutes a week to write down your most important activities and goals before the week begins. Share those plans with your friends and family so they can help you, give feedback, and adjust their own schedules.

• Stick to your plans. When you must choose between events with friends or family, ask which is more in line with your mission, values, and goals. Then decide.

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